FRAME (metric)

05-01-2013 07:10

Analysis of portal and gable rigid frames using the stiffness matrix method. Program determines support reactions for any combination of pinned and/or fixed supports, member end forces, member maximum moments, and joint displacements. This is a METRIC UNITS version of the “FRAME.xls” spreadsheet workbook.


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03-28-2014 08:40

It was discovered in the "FRAME (metric).xls" spreadsheet that the gradation of plots of both the portal and gable frames were still reflecting English units. I used a copy of the original English units version of this workbook to create the metric units version by merely converting input and output, so the units in the plots were obviously missed in the editing process. The plots for the 2 worksheets have now been corrected.
The current version of this workbook is now version 1.1.

05-01-2013 09:33

A technical difficulty has prevented the author from being able to make the following statement:
"At the request of several people in the past, I've finally created a metric units version of the "FRAME.xls" spreadsheet workbook for the analysis of portal and gable frames.
I took the easy way out in creating this new workbook by starting with a copy of the English units workbook. Metric units are used for input, and those values are automatically converted back to English units for the actual analysis. Then the results, which are calculated in English units, are converted back to metric units for display on the calculation page.
Also, since a few people had asked me about it, I added some information at the bottom of the "DOC" worksheet describing how the user can manually implement an iterative solution to account for P-Delta ("Big" Delta) effects (2nd order) on the columns of a frame. "