03-18-2010 16:02

This workbook is for concrete slab on grade analysis. There are worksheets for wheel/point loads, wall loads, and uniformly distributed loads. There are also 4 worksheets which are basic replications of the charts from a dated, but well renowned PCA publication for slabs on grade, dealing with wheel and post loadings.

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01-05-2015 09:39

Pursuant to the latest update, the author states:
"Attached is an update to the "GRDSLAB.xls" spreadsheet workbook. The current version of this workbook is 2.0.
In the "Slab on Grade" worksheet of this workbook, off of the main calculation pages and down to the right, I added what I hope is some reasonable rationale in helping the user determine an appropriate stress increase factor to account for the effect of an adjacent 2nd wheel or post load on the slab on grade. From time to time I had gotten questions about this subject, and after digging into, this approach appears to make sense, as the results obtained are for the most part fairly well confirmed when compared to results obtained from the "BOEF.xls" (Beam on Elastic Foundation) spreadsheet which I document."

03-27-2014 13:42

I added a couple of worksheets to the "GRDSLAB.xls" (slab on grade analysis) spreadsheet workbook. One of the new worksheets contains forklift truck axle load, wheel load, and spacing data from various sources, as well as various links to forklift truck vendor websites. This should be helpful in those situations where you don't have actual vendor provided information. The other new worksheet contains AASHTO truck axle load, wheel load, and spacing data for convenient reference.
While I was at it, in the "Slab on Grade" worksheet, I added some checks for slab bearing stress and punching shear stress for edge and corner load conditions. These calculations are found off of the actual main calculation page to the right, and are for reference, as the main calculation is based on an interior load condition. These additional calculations are based on Reference #4, as cited on page 2 of the worksheet.
The current version of this workbook is now version 1.9.

04-30-2013 16:26

Regarding the 2013 update to Version 1.8, the author states:
In the "Slab on Grade" worksheet of the "GRDSLAB.xls" spreadsheet workbook, I had some typo errors in the list of references at the bottom of the second page. The corrections have been made.

02-24-2012 09:22

I recently updated the "GRDSLAB.xls" workbook, where the "PCA Fig. 3 - Wheel Load" worksheet now also addresses Figure 4, "Design Chart for Axles with Dual Wheels". Using Figure 4, the user can convert a dual-wheel axle load to an equivalent single-wheel axle load, and then proceed as normal with Figure 3 to determine the required slab thickness.
The version of this workbook is now 1.7.

04-25-2011 12:35

It was brought to my attention in all four of the worksheets involving the slab thickness design charts from the PCA, that I had inadvertently left out the letter "h" in the word "Thickness" at the bottom of the calculation page. Nothing like being consistent.....(lol)
This has been corrected and the workbook is now version 1.6.

03-18-2010 16:09

Note: this workbook had been posted but was pulled recently due to a change in the website material posting policies. However, I received the approval to post it again.

Alex T.