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Created by Structurx, I-Search references members listed in the 14th Edition AISC Manual and 2010 AISC Specification. If you’re measuring wide-flange sections in the field, it lets you perform quick beam checks. If you have a damaged column, you can use it to determine the column section for analysis checks. It can even help you if you’re sitting in a design meeting and need to run quick calculations to estimate member sizes.

After providing your search criteria and hitting “Search,” the wide-flange section(s) matching your criteria will appear in a list. You can then analyze one of the listed shapes as a column or beam with a user-specified applied load by entering the required information. For columns, this includes height, unbraced length in both weak and strong axes and material yield strength. For beams, it includes main span, top flange unbraced length, material yield strength, deflection limits and loads (dead and live only). You check the section as either a column or beam, then simply hit “Analyze” and the basic checks are completed. For columns, the checks include compactness, elastic buckling stress, critical stress and nominal capacity. For beams, they include shear, moment and deflection checks. You also have the option of designing with ASD or LRFD; this option is listed under the defaults along with the tolerances for the search criteria. In addition, the data is presented in basic text that can be copied and pasted and disseminated to other team members.

The source code is licensed under the GPL and is available for modification/reuse, see links below.

To install the app on an Android device, see the Google Play link below

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Just to be clear, the source code is available at the GitHub link above. The codebase is licensed under the GPL, and may therefore be reused and modified by others.