Connections Workbook I Version 2.1.0

11-07-2013 19:49

This is an update to the previous Connection Workbook for the 14th Edition Steel Construction Manual. This workbook requires the 14th edition DLL installed and working prior to use. This workbook cover numerous shear connections for steel framing.

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07-12-2017 01:53

The C coeff. in shear tab to WF flange column . For s=3" and a=3"  with 2 bolts in one vert. row the C coeff. in the 14th edition manual is 0.88 but the spread sheet give me C=1.39,  cell F38. Am I wrong or there is an error.

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05-07-2014 17:30

Overall a great spreadsheet!
I found an error on the extended shear tab flexural yield strength...cell D46. It is using the factored reaction in the numerator, where it should be using the Plate Fy.
Basically if D23 is changed to D20, it would be fixed.
I'm not sure if this is where to post such a thing, just wanted other users to be aware.
When this workbook is initially opened, you will find solved examples that show solutions from selected examples in the AISC Design Examples V14.1.pdf. Filling in the greyed boxes correctly will give values shown in the 14th Edition Manual. There will be small differences in the 3rd or 4th significant figure due to round off. These workbooks are useful for those connections that don't fit the tables in the manual.
Do not use these workbooks to do connections with long copes. At this point the coped beam strength for long-coped connections must be done by hand.