Beam Calculator v14

04-09-2013 11:46

Entirely updated and improved, this utility plots the curves for any set of user-selected structural steel sections. It also lets the user input a design moment and unbraced length and will return the lightest sections that are adequate (from the list of user-selected shapes). Based upon ANSI/AISC 360-10, with newly-added capabilities for noncompact and slender shapes. Also added detailed information for any selected beam. NOTE: there is still an issue printing the charts from within a form, but you can print a chart by first selecting "go to the chart" within a form, and then printing! This matter is presently being investigated. You must enable macros in Excel or this program will not work. This document has been prepared in accordance with information made available to the American Institute of Steel Construction at the time of its preparation. This document has not been prepared for conventional use as an engineering or construction document and shall not be used or relied upon for any specific application without competent professional examination and verification of its accuracy, suitability, and applicability by a licensed engineer or architect. The American Institute of Steel Construction disclaim any liability arising from information provided by others or from the unauthorized use of the information contained in this document.

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09-06-2014 15:26

I was hopeful that this version would work in Excel 2010 or later, as the original version I had downloaded quit working when I upgraded from Excel 2003. Alas, no luck - when I try to run the "graph selected shapes" or "determine optimum shapes", I consistently get "Runtime error 481: invalid picture". If I try to run "view detailed design", I get runtime error 94: "invalid use of null" when I change any data on the sheet.
Has anyone had luck running this spreadsheet in Excel 2010 or later?

03-05-2014 14:08

I keep getting a runtime error #94.

04-09-2013 11:47

The "related link" above points to the older version of this utility, in case anyone still needs it.