02-24-2009 07:20

Tabular analysis of beam end connections using double clip angles (per AISC 9th Edition ASD Manual)

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05-01-2013 09:32

Regarding the 2013 update to Version 1.8, the author states:
It was brought to my attention that in all 3 calculation worksheets of the "ClipConnTable.xls" spreadsheet workbook, the program was giving "FALSE" and "#DIV/0!" error messages when a yield stress of 33 ksi was selected for either the beam and/or the clip angles. These error messages were a result of the fact that the program inadvertently did not include the logic for the ultimate tensile strength, "Fu", when the value of the yield stress was 33 ksi. Otherwise, the worksheets were operating fine for yield stresses of either 36 or 50 ksi. I have made the necessary corrections to all 3 worksheets.

05-08-2012 13:15

It was brought to my attention in the "ClipConnTable.xls" spreadsheet workbook, that the program was allowing a minimum fillet weld size to be selected which in some cases could be larger weld size than what was physically possible/acceptable, namely a weld size greater that the clip angle leg thickness - 1/16".
I made the necessary program logic corrections, and also added an additional statement/warning in bold red text within the comment box pertaining to the minimum weld size.
This workbook is now version 1.7.

09-18-2009 09:34

A "typo" error was discovered in the C-shaped weld coefficients, AISC 9th Edition ASD Table XXIII. The "C" coefficient value for a=2.40 and k=1.6 should have been 0.874, but was inadvertently shown as 0.847. This has been corrected in version 1.6 of this workbook.