Frequently Asked Questions

What types of 'ground rules' are there for posting files?

All files that are to be posted in the Library should be accurate and in context, pertaining to the design and construction industry.  Every 'tool' must have text descriptions stating the exact code/specification and year that was used in the formulation of the tool.  The goal of the site is 'ease of use' for the user.  It is always important for users to be able to quickly navigate to a file or files of their particular topic of choice.  When possible, users should combine tools to make good concise tools, rather than tools that are fragmented and focus on only one or two equations of the specification.  If at any time you have questions about how to best post various types of 'tools', please Contact Us before you post.  We reserve the right at anytime to remove files that hamper the usability and purpose of the site. 

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

The maximum file size is 40 MB.  If you wish to upload larger video files, you can post them on a video hosting site, such as youtube, and then embed the url location into your file posting.  One can also try compressing a file via a .zip file to help get the file below the size limitation.

How to upload files

The uploading process if very basic.  Note that you cannot upload files without creating an account, and you must be logged in to your account.  Once your content is uploaded and you've submitted it, it will be held in "moderation" for a while so that one of the administrators behind the scenes can check your submission and make sure you haven't uploaded anything unpleasant or otherwise inappropriate. It may take the administrators time to check your submittal, so until your submission is approved you may see a big yellow warning box on your file entry page, saying that moderators need to check first. This lets you know that other users can't see your submission yet; once it's been approved that warning box will disappear, and your submission will be visible to everyone.