I-Search wins mobile app contest

I-Search is a free Android app available on Google Play that helps users determine which wide-flange sections meet search criteria, can analyze shapes as columns or beams with user-specified applied loads, and more! The author won $5000 for his entry.

If you wish to modify it to include other shapes (eg: HSS?), the source code is available under the GPL at and you are encouraged to make modifications and expansions.


AISC has launched its first (possibly of many) mobile-friendly HTML5 app. It's called Build-A-Bolt and it can be found at

The full source code is public at:

Should you have questions on the new app please contact the AISC Steel Solutions Center at or 866-ASK-AISC.

Some Notable Updates

Mr. Tomanovich has just updated a number of his utilities and given their popularity we thought we'd draw your attention to the updates for ASCE705W, ASCE702W, IBC2009E, SECTPROP, MOVLOADS, BMREINF9, PILEGRP, GRDSLAB, STEPCOL, FRAME, FLRPLATE, FOOTINGS, and ClipConnTable. sure to log in and read the comments for remarks on what's changed.

How to upload files!

The file upload process has changed slightly to expand your control over the process. There's a quick overview on the Frequently Asked Questions page (toward the bottom); here's a link straight to it:

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