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Alex was born in Linz, Austria in 1949. He and his Serbian parents emigrated from Europe (Yugoslavia) to the United States in 1952, when he was 3 years old. He became a naturalized citizen after 7 years, and grew up in Indianapolis, IN.

Alex attended Warren Central High School in Indianapolis, IN from 1964-1967, where he was a member of the varsity basketball, track, and cross country teams. Alex attended Rose-Hulman Institute in Terre Haute, Indiana from 1967-1971, and graduated with a BSCE degree with a structural major.

Alex retired from full-time work in early February 2017. He has been a practicing structural engineer for over 45 years. His experience is primarily in heavy industry and manufacturing involving structural steel and reinforced concrete analysis and design. He is registered PE in 8 states. Alex was most recently employed with Fluor Enterprises for over 10 years prior to retirement. He has worked for a number of other companies throughout his career including O’Neal (Greenville, SC), ALCOA (Alcoa, TN), Jacobs / Sirrine (Greenville, SC), Lockwood Greene (Spartanburg, SC), Rust Engineering (Birmingham, AL), and Armco Steel (Middletown, OH).

As far as past accomplishments worthy of note, several years ago Alex developed several PE exam problems which were accepted into the pool of potential NCEE exam problems, highlighted by 5 of them appearing on the April, 1977 NCEE PE exam. Also, Alex had developed 3 structural engineering plug-in software cards for the HP48 handheld calculator/computer system, which were marketed nationally from 1993-2002. Like most, Alex is self taught in MS-Excel, and has been programming in it since 2000, porting over many of the works that he had done on the HP48SX/GX handhelds, and later on the HP50g handheld.

Alex’s hobbies include bass fishing, exercise, watching sports and movies, music, guitar, knife collecting, driving / customizing / showing his Chevy SSR convertible pickup truck, and last but not help make the work and daily tasks of the structural engineer a bit easier and less tedious, while increasing efficiency.


Rose Hulman Institute (formerly Rose Polytechnic Institute)
Indiana, United States
Structural Major
1967 To 1971